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The music industry has seen unprecedented shifts in the ways artists gain exposure and how they can earn an income. The use of music in tv/streaming, feature films,  advertising and video games is still a rising trend.

Hook Music Group is a placement company built and run by artists committed to elevating our artists through placement opportunities. We're interested in serious artists who have put the work in. You can hear it in the songs.

All of our music is easy-clear or one-stop!

Mixer Keys


Hook Music Group is about strategic partnerships. Not about large catalogs of music with sometimes dodgy search results. We partner with our artists, composers and sound designers to strive for quality over filler. 

Live Performance


Hook is a new company run by artists. Artists who have placed music themselves for clients like CBS, NBC/Universal, Paramount, Lionsgate, DreamWorks, Disney, Netflix, Amazon Studios, Annapurna, A24 and tons more. We know our business.

Live Performance
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